Creating an environment of safety and hope.

Kompong Thom, Cambodia

"Why Not Now"

Campus Project

Zone 1 - Central Area

This is protected by a decorative concrete wall with a beautiful gate.  The dorms in this area are strong Cambodian structures that look powerful, safe, and royal.  The communal buildings in this area circle around the Community Kitchen as the focal point of this inner community.  This area holds staff, youth & children, and an onsite grandma’s oversite to provide healing, restoration and safety.


Zone 2 - Outer Area

The Outer Area is for training and development.  There is an onsite house, for parents to stay and learn agricultural skills and a vocational warehouse to teach skills like sewing, wood work and brass work.  


Zone 4 - Oversight & Visitors Area

The Oversight and Visitors Area is where the Nietz family will live when staying on the property and also houses supporting partners of the project.

Zone 3 - Community Area

The Community Area is in the front of the property.  This is open to the community for basketball, Futsal and other community events.  

 Each building is designed using the standard Cambodian building materials of brick and concrete. The distances between rooms does not exceed lengths that require special engineering.  Each building is designed to reflect the beauty and value of those dwelling inside as well as provide  practical spaces and a cost effective build.


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