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Integrity in design.  Excellence.  Timeliness in return. Confidentiality.

Rob Nyhof Design offers custom and semi custom home designs for the searching home owner, builder and developer. You can expect professional advice, quality design, attention to cost and details with a timely return. 

Our Services

Our Services 

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I started working in construction at 12 years old sweeping out my father’s custom homes.  My father was a builder like his father before him. I framed homes and did trim work but my favorite part of the building process was design.  I was drawing homes on grid paper before I was a teenager.

When I was 15 years old I was dropped off everyday to work for my Uncle who owned a design company.  I worked for my uncle as a draftsman for a couple years and then went on to design with my father for the homes that he was building.  My father was a great designer and I learned much about what I know today about design from him.   Today, I have my own design and drafting business where I currently work together with both builders and personal clients to create beautiful homes that help them meet their goals.

With designing homes, I desire for more than just a beautiful temporary structure.  Fulfillment in my job comes from creatively working together with people to design a timeless home that will become a place of warmth, where long lasting memories and connections are made.  A truthful design is one that reflects those who live in it.

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